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Semicured payoyo cheese (blend)
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  • _036_73_payoyo_mezcla_semi_

Semicured payoyo cheese (blend)

Elaborated with pasteurised goat's and sheep's milk. This cheese has an intense flavour, and a soft and creamy texture. Aging: 90 days.

wine pairings: Sweet wines as moscatel from Andalucía and Alicante, Malvasías from Canarias and Sitges.
Red wines with character as Priorat, Monsant, Empordá en Cataluña,

  • Origin:   Andalucía
  • Milk:   blend
  • Treatment:   Pasteurised
  • Fat C./Dry Ext.:   Min. 45%
  • Aging:   60 days
  • Best before:   300 days