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Blend Payoyo matured in pig fat
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  • _035_71_payoyo_mezcla_curado

Blend Payoyo matured in pig fat

Elaborated with pasteurised goat's and sheep's milk, enzymatic coagulation. The cheese bears Iberico pig fat on its rind and is soft and piquant. Aging: a minimum of 90 days and is left to age for a further 120 days.

wine pairings: Sweet wines as moscatel from Andalucía and Alicante, Malvasías from Canarias and Sitges.
Red wines with character as Priorat, Monsant, Empordá en Cataluña,

  • Origin:   Andalucía
  • Milk:   Blend
  • Treatment:   Pasteurised
  • Fat C./Dry Ext.:   Min. 45%
  • Aging:   60 days
  • Best before:   300 days