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Hacienda Zorita Reserva ewe's raw milk cheese
  • Hacienda_zorita__oveja_cruda
  • Hacienda_zorita__oveja_cruda

Hacienda Zorita Reserva ewe's raw milk cheese

Pressed cheese made with raw sheep’s milk from free range cattle of the local breeds Churra sheep raised and fed following the natural farming principles in the natural pastures of their own estate. Gold medal in the 2012 World Cheese Awards. Combines with toasted dried fruits (nuts, almonds, pistachios). Moderately sweet fruits (grapes, apples, pears). Local white bread.

Wine pairing: Barrel fermented white wines. Elegant, velvety red wines, three years and older.
  • Origin:   Castilla Leon
  • Milk:   Sheep
  • Treatment:   Raw
  • Fat C./Dry Ext.:   Min. 50 %
  • Aging:   6-12 months
  • Best before:   300 days
  • Certification: