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Traditionals cheeses from Spain. Merco

¿About us?
El Consorcio de los Quesos Tradicionales de España S.A has been joined “Tradition and Modernity” for nearly 20 years.

We were set up in 1992 by ten cheese producers and we have collected the most excellent cheeses form our rich cheese culture and offered our customers the Service and Safety modern distribution needs... Read more [+]

Traditionals cheeses from Spain. Merco

Types of milk used:
The most commonly used milk in the manufacture of cheese is whole milk, mainly due to it's higher milk production numbers.

In the Mediterranean, where cows are rare it is more common to use sheep's or goat's milk thus giving an acidity touch to the cheese.

It is also possible to mix different kinds of milk, as in the case of Cabrales cheese, which uses a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk.

Traditionals cheeses from Spain. Merco

Denomination of Origin (DO)
is a geographical indication applied to the exclusive quality or characteristics of agricultural products or foodstuffs that are fundamentally due to where they are produced, processed and prepared.

The fundamental advantage of the IO is that it guarantees the consumer a roughly consistent level of quality and specific characteristics. It is also noted that this organization promotes the productive sector and facilitates access to national producers and international markets.